I love science.

It’s what I do.

And when it comes to eating and running, I generally try to take a scientific approach. My scientific background doesn’t totally relate to this though. My undergraduate degree was in Nutrition and Dietetics, and my graduate degrees are technically in Nutritional Sciences; I’m really more classically trained as a molecular biologist.

Currently I’m doing a postdoc in a Biomedical Sciences department studying cancer epigenetics. Ultimately, my goal is to get an independent position where I can combine my educational background and skillset to investigate the role of metabolic disruption and nutrient-gene interactions in chronic disease development.

My goal for this website and blog

is primarily to document / vent / relay my runs, my woes, and my ideas on diet, science, and running.

Most of my blogs will largely be personal, but my research-minded self will always be staying caught up on the most recent findings, checking my sources, and citing them as well. So I will do my best to break down what I think is relevant information for running and training, and pass that information along as well.

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my publications:

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